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The Original Cuban Circus



If not in the Circus, where else do you meet sparkling eyes, beaming faces and hilarious laughter of young and old in the same place?! And who would have known that several of the fantastic artists of popular Circuses like “Krone”, “Probst” or even “The Ringling Brothers” are actually from Cuba?!

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You will be enthused by breathtaking aerial choreographies, exceptional clowns, amazing unicycle and acrobatic performances, fire, sword and dance debuts & many more!
One of the highlights is the “Trio de contorción” - 3 beautiful, exotic snake women whose bodies seem to be elastic! Thanks to their incredible bend number they have placed 1st at the international Circus Festival in Havana in 2011.
Let’s start dreaming again and enter the fascinating world of “The Original Cuban Circus”! Enjoy the colorful spectacular accompanied by the Latin rhythms of the brilliant live Orchestra “Aire Concierto” who won the Joven Jazz Festival award in Havana in 2010.
Feel the Cuban magic and let you inspire by their lovely charisma and humor. This is what “The Original Cuban Circus” makes to a unique family adventure!

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