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The Great Dance of Argentina - 'Vida! Argentino'



The Great Dance Of Argentina

Nicole Nau and Luis Pereyra are touring Europe with their production 'VIDA! ARGENTINO'. More than ever, their new program 'Vida' is a tribute to the culture of their native country, Argentina. “Vida” portrays tango in all its melancholy, elegance and eroticism – but also takes the audience into rural Argentina, where the vidala, zamba and chacarera are danced, where gauchos compete at tap dancing and boleadoras swirl. A dazzling display of virtuoso dance and thrilling live music – a festival of the senses.
'Argentina is more than Tango' – say, of all people, two of the best and most renowned tango dancers in the world, Nicole Nau and Luis Pereyra, who see themselves as empathetic cultural ambassadors of Argentina. They do not bring a show to the stage, but rather a piece of Argentinean life – in which tango has a starring role, of course. Following the successful 2013 tour with 100,000 delighted spectators in Europe and America and nightly standing ovations, they are back on tour through Europe with “The Great Dance of Argentina” and the new programme 'Vida', with over 90 dates on the tour schedule for 2015/16.
With 'Vida' (Spanish for 'Life'), Nicole Nau and Luis Pereyra are once again celebrating a festival of the senses with the dancers and musicians in their company. They dance the pain, hope, joy and power of their people. They dance the moment, they live in the moment – again and again, brimming with intensity, passion and vitality. 'Vida' is a tribute to the culture of their homeland, Argentina: to tango in all its melancholia, its elegance and eroticism – but also its primal power, its playful lightness and joy that are too often masked by clichés. But 'Vida' also takes the audience to rural Argentina, where the vidala, the zamba and the chacarera are danced. The powerful beat of the large bombo drums, the rapid Argentinean tap dance in which the gauchos compete and the breakneck whirling of the boleadoras are pure rhythm, bursting with energy. Music, song and dance are brought together in celebration: of the culture of their country, of life itself.


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