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Joseph Clark - The Music of QUEEN



“Joseph’s the champion, my friend! He’s one of the few around the world who can do the mercurial legendary QUEEN vocalist justice, with panache, style and the glory that was Freddie Mercury in full roar.”

The New York Times

“Daily News, Durban”

Live Theatre UK

“Singer Joseph Clark is phenomenal...”

Cape Time (SAF)

“Not only does he possess the voice, he also exudes sheer charisma and energy that puts him on par with the late Mercury himself”. “This is no copycat ‘tribute’ show in which all the usual hits are rehashed and regurgitate.” “If you’re seeking a concert that showcases the versatility and range of Freddie Mercury and Queen, interpreted in a dynamic style by the cream of SA’s musicians, then you’ll be dumbstruck by The Music Of Queen.”

The Citizen

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Even if you are not a Queen fan, this is the show to convert you. Joseph Clark will take you on a roller coaster ride with his powerful renditions of some of the greatest songs ever written, including classics like We Will Rock You, Another One Bites The Dust, We are the Champions, I Want to Break Free, Under Pressure, Who Wants To Live Forever, Bohemian Rhapsody and many more.
But, Queen is not all about rock ‘n roll. The group crossed all musical genres with rock, ballads, anthems, pops, blues, jazz, classical, musical comedy and even disco!

The line-up of songs, is like no other 'Queen show' in the world. Joseph Clark and his band will 'whoo' you with songs like You Take My Breath Away, Is This The World We Created, Get Down - Make Love, Killer Queen, Too Much Love Will Kill You, Innuendo, Sleeping On The Sidewalk, Mother Love, Made In Heaven and more!

Some of the songs they are covering, have never been performed live! These songs were recorded by Freddie before he passed away and no other artist has been or is currently performing this magnitude of jewels from Queen!

Director, Elzette Maarschalk says this is not just another QUEEN/Freddie Mercury look-alike show, although one can’t get past the strong on-stage resemblance, physically and vocally between Clark and the iconic Mercury.