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Experience that unforgettable time with the hits from ABBA once again. The first class soloist and fantastic band will relive the swinging 70s. Sitting is not an option, sing and dance along with the wonderful ABBA Gold!

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After Polar Music International (label and owner of ABBA) banned numerous tribute bands of ABBA, this ABBA Gold (before ABBA Mania) got the permission to be one of the five official tribute bands of ABBA to perform worldwide.

ABBA Gold is the most successful ABBA-show at the moment. Not only they sound like the real ABBA, but also the stage, costumes and choreography looks very similar to the former band. ABBA Gold brings the pop glamour of ABBA, with catchy tunes and unforgettable mega-hits, like “Waterloo” or “Mamma Mia”.

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Abba Gold